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Brillant accurate car accessories


Our stock area, product promotion and delivery

Our stock area

Ideal placement of a central wholesale warehouse for supplying all European countries - that´s our Prague city (Czech Republic) stock area.

Stock area position

Our stock area is located near highway R11 in Prague (direction to Mladá Boleslav) (Czech Republic). This location is ideal for simple and quick support to all european countries.

Our products export

Our products export

The successful business strategy is the regular export of our products to other European countries as Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Spain and others.

Wide products range supplier

Hobby car company (Czech Republic) was established at 2001 as a specialized wholesale with a complete range of car accessories and car cosmetics product. Well-off experience of Hobby car employee stretch back to start of nineteens.

Exclusive distributor

As the exclusive distributor of renowned brands, our company have a very good reputation, especially due to the long-term quality collaboration with leading west and east European producers.

Our products in markets

We supply our products to large supermarket chains, including strongest on czech and slovak market - Albert (Ahold), Globus, Makro (Metro), OBI, Tesco and others in the Czech and Slovak Republic.

Advertising for our products

Catalogue Brillant rubber mats 3D

We are able to prepare custom made packaging (private label) for our customers according to their needs, advertising brochures, catalogues, technical documents and other materials to support the marketability of our product range.

Display stands

Display stand - trunk / cargo mats Brillant

For our partners we prepare too many types of presentation and marketable display stands, which help for customers satisfaction.

Quality certificates

Certificates Brillant rubber mats 3D

All products are supplied with complete information about the product and multilingual instructions for use. All this contributes to the great marketability and easy orientation in our assortment. Each product is supplied with a corresponding certificate that is necessary for selling in the particular region.

Trade exhibitions

We are orderly competitor of trade exhibition organized so that companies in a car accessories industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products, service, study activities of rivals and examine recent market trends and opportunities (Automechanika etc.).

Technical informations

Our employee permanently support informations about logistics, requests for technical proposals, technical data, marketing materials and other service for customers in all current languages.



Brillant® is a traditional brand of auto accessories and equipment from the Czech Republic. When producing any of the Brillant® products, high emphasis is always laid on the quality of workmanship, high material durability and manufacture accuracy.

Authorized dealer:
HOBBY CAR, spol. s r.o., Zabehlicka 84/2533, Prague 10, 10600, Czech Republic
Phone +420-272 762 259
E-mail: obchod@hobbycar.cz



  • [09/2016] Hot news for September 2016 Thank you very much for all our customers in Automechanika 2016 Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Your visit of our exhibition was nice pleasure for use!