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Brillant accurate car accessories


No drill, more comfort, perfect paintwork protection !

Perfect protection

Accurate mud flaps are rubber mats attached directly behind the wheels of cars and trucks. Their main function is to shield other cars from mud and other debris flung out by tires. Although they are officially called mud flaps, these rubber mats also deflect loose gravel and excessive rainwater.

Vehicles equipment

Passenger vehicles do not always include mud flaps as standard accessories. Their installation is usually not difficult. A few bolts or screws hold the top of the mud flap to the frame and the bottom edge remains unattached.

Advantages of using

Mud flaps perform a useful service. Car owners may discover that these flaps help to keep the undercarriage of the vehicle cleaner by rerouting sprays of muddy water. Small objects on the highway may be kicked up by the tires, but the flaps prevent further damage. Many drivers who do not use them may discover a distinctive pattern of splattered mud behind each wheel well. Small nicks and scratches caused by flying debris may also be prevented.

Car Aplication table

Here you can find car application table for most car types.


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Brillant® is a traditional brand of auto accessories and equipment from the Czech Republic. When producing any of the Brillant® products, high emphasis is always laid on the quality of workmanship, high material durability and manufacture accuracy.

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