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Brillant accurate car accessories


More comfort, cleanliness and convenience - exclusive prices !

Accurate dimensions

Carpets are made accurately according to the floor area shapes of a particular vehicle type. This eliminates the complicated comparing of universal carpets, inaccurate many times, and the necessity of cutting them problematically to achieve the desired shape.

Car protection

An advantage of these carpets is their protecting bulk material (sand and earth) or liquids (water), dirt, dust, snow, and the like from entering the vehicle interior, with resistance to oil, petrol and partially also accumulator electrolyte penetration.

Carpets use

Carpets are easy to wash, allow shaking dirt off quickly and are easy to put into the vehicle.

Exclusive comfort

The special anti-slip design on the underside of carpets which attaches easily to the original floor area upholstery prevents effectively the carpets from unpleasant movement on the vehicle floor or accumulation under the pedals.

Carpets maintenance

Carpets are easy to wash, designed for standard maintenance using usual cleaning agents (e.g. washing with warm water and a nonaggressive and non-abrasive detergent and the like). Cleaning can be easily performed outside the vehicle. Shaking dirt off regularly is also easy, can be done in a few seconds.

Material quality

All accurate rubber carpets are equipped with the directives of the Czech Republic / European Union.

Brillant accurate low profile car rubber mats

Car Aplication table

Here you can find car application table for most car types.


Technical informations

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Brillant® is a traditional brand of auto accessories and equipment from the Czech Republic. When producing any of the Brillant® products, high emphasis is always laid on the quality of workmanship, high material durability and manufacture accuracy.

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