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Brillant accurate car accessories


More comfort, cleanliness and convenience !

Safety material

Hypoallergenic material enables use in any vehicle without health hazard. Material quality enables use of the liners in wide range of temperatures, from -20°C to +40°C (PE) / -40°C to min. +80°C (SBR rubber), and significant resistance against ageing of materials as a result of UV irradiation.

Car protection

Advantage of these liners is raised edge 4–6cm (acc. to type of vehicle) that protects interior of the trunk against spillage of liquid (water, oil), impurities, dust, snow, etc.; liners are resistant against infiltration of oils, fuel and partially also against electrolyte from accumulators.

More comfort

Movement of transported materials and objects is prevented by high-quality anti-skid layer – ideal helper for transportation of shopping, luggage, etc.

Exact dimensions

The liner is manufactured precisely according to the shape of bottom of particular vehicle’s trunk. The liner is suitable for transportation of load in trunk - it is easily washable and enables discharge of impurities and easy installation.

Exclusive design

Modern design ensures hassle-free use and elegant appearance in the given type of vehicle.

Material quality

Recyclable, extremely resistant and high-quality materials - high-density polyethylene PE / microporous rubber SBR ensures great flexibility upon bending (e.g. storing). The liner acquires its exact original shape. Rubber is characteristic by reinforced material thickness, significantly improved flexibility and resistance. Thermal resistance of the material is -20°C to +40°C (PE) -60°C to +80°C (SBR rubber).

Simply maintenance

The liner is washable, adapted to standard maintenance by means of common cleaning agents (e.g. washing with lukewarm water with non-aggressive and non-abrasive detergent, etc.). The liner can be also cleaned outside the vehicle, i.e. by a garden hose.

High quality

All trunk liners are provided with certificate TÜV Süd Czech, certificate on composition and safety of used material MSDS, homologation according to regulations valid in the Czech Republic / European Union ATEST 8SD 3401 and, in terms of flammability, they fulfill requirements of ZM-A/10.70 (Czech Republic / European Union).

Brillant trunk / cargo mats

Car Aplication table

Here you can find car application table for most car types.


Technical informations

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Brillant® is a traditional brand of auto accessories and equipment from the Czech Republic. When producing any of the Brillant® products, high emphasis is always laid on the quality of workmanship, high material durability and manufacture accuracy.

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