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Brillant accurate car accessories


More comfort and fresh air !

Material quality

Brillant® draught deflectors / air vents made of Akrylon® XT, a certified material of high quality, are an indispensable aesthetical and highly practical piece of car furniture accessories not only in damp and cold autumn weather. They also provide natural air circulation inside the vehicle to prevent easily the misting of the windows when it is raining and foggy.

Deflector use

When Brillant® deflectors are used, the windows can be opened slightly when it is raining or snowing intensively. They prevent the driver from unpleasant effects of air flowing into the vehicle when the window is open and thanks to the optimal deflection of the air flowing around they reduce noise and draught which create when the window is open slightly

Exclusive comfort

Windshield deflectors reduce the dirtying of the side windows to enable better view when using the outside mirrors.

Accurate dimensions

Brillant® deflectors are manufactured absolutely precisely according to the shape of the doors and glasses of a particular vehicle type.

Deflector advantages

The milled grooves along the edges ensure efficient deflector stabilization in the window rubber sealing. Every pair or set of Brillant® deflectors is packed in a very robust cardboard box. The protective self-adhesive PE foil prevents effectively against scratching during transport (it is necessary to remove before installation).

Material certification

Certified Akrylon® XT (PMMA – Polymethyl Methacrylate) with resistance to high temperatures of up to +100 °C, fully recyclable and highly resistant to UV ageing.

Brillant accurate windshield deflectors

Car Aplication table

Here you can find car application table for most car types.


Technical informations

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Brillant® is a traditional brand of auto accessories and equipment from the Czech Republic. When producing any of the Brillant® products, high emphasis is always laid on the quality of workmanship, high material durability and manufacture accuracy.

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